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Via Donatori del Sangue 29/31/33,
20010 Santo Stefano Ticino (Milano)
tel. (+39) 0290111844
fax. (+39) 0290269862




Located in the province of Milan , it is on the market since 1990 and is now collaborating with specialized brands of high prestige

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For us the customer's needs are always the priority in every phase of the collaboration . We like to be involved in the implementation of your ideas .

Within New Cosmesy are also a graphics department for the development of projects and printed plans , a technical office for all standards and a laboratory for the creation of fragrances and control raw materials .


© New Cosmesy srl | Via Donatori del Sangue 29/31/33, | 20010 Santo Stefano Ticino (Milano)
Tel. (+39) 0290111844 |  Fax. (+39) 0239297657 | Mail: info@newcosmesy.com

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